Language Art Programme

Han Yu Pin Yin Preparation Programme

Enable students to learn and master Han Yu Pin Yin in a fun way, through games and activities.

Pin Yin Mix & Match Game

  • Based on MOE’s Primary School Chinese Syllabus.
  • Designed by Mdm Chau Sook Kuan from CHIJ (Our Lady Queen of Peace).
  • The game consists of 4 sets of 52 cards.
  • Players match the vowel and consonant to form Han Yu Pin Yin and pronounce it.

Know, Expose and Easy way of learning Hanyu Pinyin

  • Students will be given a set of game.
  • Students learn how to match Han Yu Pin Yin and pronounce them correctly.
  • Students gain familiarization to Han Yu Pin Yin by matching the game.
  • Through the game play, students are able to recognize these Han Yu Pin Yin confidently.

  Syllabus Total
Level 1 Consonant and Single Vowel 52 cards
Level 2 Consonant and Double Vowel 52 cards
Level 3 Consonant and Nasal-Sound Vowel 52 cards
Level 4 Consonant and Multi Vowel 52 cards