Computer Enrichment Programme

ICT has been successfully integrated into the primary school education curriculum.  Therefore, our programme aims at engaging the child in a continuous critical thinking process through multimedia projects which will prepare them for future ICT challenges in their formal school years.

  • Stimulates your child’s interest by creating fun, lively and colourful multimedia presentation through a series of project works.
  • Equip the children with basic IT skills – Word processing, keyboarding, graphic drawing designing skills as well as movie creation and slide show presentation skills.
  • To cultivate children’s thinking, communication, problem solving and analytical skills through software exploration and the creation of multimedia presentations.
  • Develop children’s linguistic ability and acquire mathematical skills,  life science and exercise creativity & imagination.
  • Enable the children to learn about team work skills.
  • Enable the children to think “Out of the Box” - Learning, Knowing and Applying.