About Us

My Creative Kids


“My Creative Kids” is a pre-school service provider that focuses on three main aspects – (Multimedia IT education, Creative and Imaginative Art and Languages Art.) The enrichment programs we offer are aimed to enhance a child’s mental development and nurture them to think flexibly and independently.

At “My Creative Kids”, we believe that the total development of a child must be placed of high importance. It is not the outcome but the process and environment a child is placed in. Thus, our programs are designed to actively involve children through challenging hand on experiences that captures their interest. We are confident that our programs will let our students develop a strong passion for learning. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that a child, who learns in a creative and fun environment, will develop love for learning and life.

Our Mission

My Creative Kids is committed to educate children in stimulating their creativity thinking, by allowing our students to create, imagine and be innovative via the programs offered. We aim to provide exciting learning opportunities for children to solve future challenges that lie ahead of them.

Our Vision

We aims to be a leading company which provides the best enrichment programs for children in child cares, kindergartens and schools to help and guide them across all areas of learning to their full intellectual potential.